• DataCenter Management Suite License Key

DataCenter Management Suite License Key

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DataCenter Management Suite License Key

In addition to the features provided by Out-of-Band software licence (SFT-OOB-LIC), this licence activates additional management software and utilities on your server.  Including :

System Lockdown: 

System lockdown helps in preventing the system from unintentional or malicious changes. This feature can help in protecting Lockdown mode is applicable to both configuration and firmware updates. When system lockdown is turned on, all system configuration changes including firmware updates will be prevented and user will be notified accordingly.

Redfish Support:

The Redfish Scalable Platforms Management API ("Redfish") is a new interface that uses RESTful interface semantics to access data defined in a model format to perform out-of-band systems management. It is suitable for a wide range of servers, from stand-alone to rack mount and blade environments, but scales equally well for large scale cloud environments. Utilizing JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data format, allows many types of parameters to be available such that it enables scalability, human readability, and flexibility for most programming environments by easily interpreting payload.

HTML5 Virtual Media Support: 

Supermicro BMC provides HTML5-based remote presence (iKVM) for user management remotely far away from the place. 

With the SFT-DCMS-SINGLE license key enabled, user is able to configure the ISO/IMA images mount thru virtual media feature. It also supports the configuration thru Redfish.

We require the MAC Address of your IPMI controller on the system board.  

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