Meet Kathy, Our Account Manager!

Meet Kathy, Our Account Manager!

Kathy has been with us for some time and if you deal with us on the regular then there is a good chance that she has played an important part in your experience with us. Before she became an integral part of our team, she worked at a utility consultancy for housing developers. Having joined Servero, she has benefited from being part of a bigger team and enjoys having a specific role and working as part of the puzzle. It is so much more her style. 

Since joining Servero, Kathy has been working on her own self-confidence which has consequently gone from strength to strength. She has pushed herself to make braver decisions and challenge herself with things that may have intimidated her in the past and this has, over time, helped shape who she is today.

Her perseverance and drive to get a job done is channelled from her life outside of work. Kathy spends her spare time involved in the gaming industry, where she is either playing games, making cosplay or attending the conventions. She has a great network of friends whom she has made along the way, who are all eager to support one another. Her dedication to achieving a goal can be demonstrated by her 6-month personal sewing marathon which she completed in her own time. The purpose of this task was to create a replica costume of her favourite character, Maya, in preparation for a convention.

“When we are young, we read and believe the most fantastic things.”

This quote resonates with Kathy because she believes it is important to remember that as we grow older, we can still continue dreaming of things which excite and inspire us. This is something which she keeps alive through her passion for gaming and cosplaying. 

Kathy’s top three favourite computer games are:

  1. Borderlands Franchise

  2. God of War (2018)

  3. Final Fantasy XV

Top job Kathy!


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