Meet Mark, Our Storeman!

Meet Mark, Our Storeman!

Mark is Servero’s very own detective and secret weapon. He is a fast, efficient and hardworking individual who keeps our stores in check. He ensures you get your orders safely and on time and looks after all our products. Mark is essential to the daily running of Servero and certainly is an asset to our team.

Before he came on board, he perfected his ideal skill set through a variety of jobs which shaped who he is today. He obtained an apprenticeship in engineering aged 21 and worked as an engineer in producing a wide range of parts for various uses, including fighter jets. This type of work meant that for many years he had to work under pressure, precisely and alone. He has always had a passion for making things so for 25 years he stuck with this career. 

Eventually, Mark decided he needed a change. Even though he enjoyed the work, the lifestyle wasn’t desirable. He worked nights and unusual hours, which prevented him from doing the things he enjoyed. He wanted a job where he was able to interact with people more regularly and have a better work-life balance. In engineering, things can’t be ‘that will do’, it’s either right or wrong and Mark has certainly brought this level of work ethic into his role today.  

Mark’s keen interest in making things has intertwined into other aspects of his life. He invested some of his spare time into learning how to turn wood. He completed 2 five-day courses and an additional two-day course where he turned a variety of objects, including a plate made from ash. If Mark isn’t preoccupied with turning wood, he can be found spinning tunes. This gives him the opportunity to unwind and relax if life gets a bit hectic. He collects a variety of 60’s and 70’s music either on vinyl or CD and owns his own record player. He has a group of friends who also have a similar taste in music and they attend concerts together. 

“Inspiration, move me brightly” The Grateful Dead

He particularly likes the west coast sound and recently went to watch some of his favourite bands perform.

His top 3 favourite bands are:

  1. Frank Zappa

  2. Grateful Dead

  3. Jerry Garcia Band

Keep going Mark!


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