Meet Harry, Our Apprentice Technician!

Meet Harry, Our Apprentice Technician!

Before Harry joined our team he was studying media. He liked the practical side of the course however felt that he needed to explore a different path, hence joining Servero. He wanted to combine his interest in the end-user experience, his skill set and the technicality of computer hardware. He is due to start a new course to gain an industry-standard qualification for Level 3 Infrastructure Technician. Harry is excited to see where his journey will take him and wants to work as hard as he can to prepare him for the future and ensure he is able to achieve what he wants. 

Harry is driven by his desire to get his independence. He recently purchased his first car, a grey 2006 Peugeot, which he will learn to drive in later this year. His plan, as soon as he passes his test, is to take his friends for a spin to Mcdonalds for a Big Mac (hold the gherkins though)! 

As someone who likes to spend as much time as possible with friends, having the ability to get around easily will open doors for bigger and better adventures. Speaking of adventures, Harry is a bit of a foodie and likes to experiment in the kitchen. Following in his mother’s footsteps he enjoys creating new tasty things from scratch, with his most recent achievement being a Green Thai Curry. However, no matter how much he enjoys being in the kitchen, the pepper, onion and gherkin food group is a big no go. There’s something about them that is not appealing what so ever. 

The Office US seems to be a big hit within Servero… it’s clear that Harry, Kyle and Isaac all are addicted to this series.

“Me think why waste time say lot word when few do trick” (The Office US)

Roughly translating as, if fewer words can get the message across, there is no need to say more. Harry feels that this reminds him to get his point across effectively. 

Harry’s top three favourite computer games are:

  1. Super Monkey Ball

  2. Lego Star Wars

  3. Wii Sports

Good luck with the course Harry!


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