Meet Kyle, Our New Junior Broker Sales Associate!

Meet Kyle, Our New Junior Broker Sales Associate!

For those of you who give us a buzz on the regular, the chances are you’ll get the opportunity to talk to this happy chappy.

Lucky for you, here is some info about Kyle so you know how to win him over…

Before Kyle joined Servero he worked in hospitality. He enjoyed the social aspect of it and has kept in touch with the friends he made during that time, but wanted to move into a role which encompassed his passion for technology. Kyle has in fact been a part of the team for a little over a year, however, to date his role was as an Apprentice Workshop Technician. The change in role was driven by his desire to progress in his career. Consequently, he was offered the opportunity to move into Sales, which he snapped straight up. He’s certainly got the energy and enthusiasm to make an excellent addition to the office! 

“Sometimes I start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going, I just hope I find it along the way.” The Office US

Kyle is a fan of all things technology and this passion stems from his gaming lifestyle. Most of his spare time is dedicated to this hobby, but it’s not just all about the games. Kyle has made long term friends through this from all around the world and has fought back any language barriers to make it work. Something which he would like to do in the future would be to visit one of these friends in Norway and travel to Japan to immerse himself in the technology culture. 

If Kyle isn't playing games, fixing PC's or talking about them, then he can be found on the side of a football pitch supporting Chelsea along with his family. Growing up he also played a lot of football and is proud to say his team won the league 3 times. This is possibly due to the fact that some may say he is the next Usain Bolt…

He has also watched The Office US six times and probably knows the script off by heart. 

Kyle’s top three favourite computer games are:

  1. CS.GO
  2. Gary’s Mod
  3. Rust

Keep up the good work Kyle!


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