Meet Jon, Our New Workshop Supervisor!

Meet Jon, Our New Workshop Supervisor!

Jon has been with us for almost two weeks now, so we’ve taken the opportunity to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) to find out more about him.

Before he joined Servero, Jon spent most of his career as an organic farmer. For well over a decade he worked on many different farms across the world including New Zealand, France, Spain and Japan where he actually lived in a Buddhist Temple.  

His passion for travel, helping the environment and organic farming kept him immersed in this industry, where he then gained an education in permaculture. This then enabled him to travel further afield (excuse the pun) to continue setting up sustainable farming practices in the various countries he planted his feet. He worked with small groups of like-minded people to grow various top fruit and vegetables in a sustainable and ethical manner. He then rounded off his travelling by spending the summer walking 2000km in Spain, in 42-degree heat, on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. He climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest not just once but six times!

“Live and embrace the present and say yes to what comes along.”

Jon eventually made the decision to move back to his home county to be closer to his family and to start a new life for himself. He is still very passionate about the sustainability of the environment but he felt that it was time for a lifestyle change. 

Jon applied for a position with Servero because he has always enjoyed working with computers. He likes understanding how things work, putting parts together and making the end result better than how it was before. He felt that it was a career path that he would certainly enjoy. 

He also likes board games, video games, hiking and camping.

Jon’s top three favourite computer games are:

  1. Half Life
  2. Mario Kart
  3. Pokemon Blue

Welcome to the team Jon!


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