Algorithms - Gutmann, Pfitzner, and Schneier’s Methods

Algorithms - Gutmann, Pfitzner, and Schneier’s Methods

The Gutmann Method is one of the most complex and thorough wiping standards. This approach uses 18 to 35 different passes. It uses heavy variations in the overwriting patterns. Random characters are also input at certain intervals and a complex pattern is used throughout the entire overwrite. This method is a good option for older hard drives.

The Pfitzner Method is equally complicated. This method uses a 33-pass option and runs the entire program multiple times. Verification occurs along the way and also uses a combination of random characters for each pass. There is the option for both a seven-pass and 33-pass program.

The Schneier Method has a more complex system than some of the other standard data destruction techniques. It first employs zeros and ones in the first two passes followed by five more random characters. Some software will verify that a character was written, and will then start the process all over again if the verification shows a failure to write the character to the drive.

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